Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Eleven: Factions and Professions S-U

Another three: the Skald, Unaffiliated Elementalist and Unguilded Thief.

Skald (Req: Any race Bard)

The Skald is part herald, part messenger, part gossip, part entertainer, even part historian and part magician. They tend to be respected, travel around, and get to know many things about many people, including some things that they were not meant to know. There are few Anari Skalds - most see the song magic they use as primitive, and scoff at their use of oral history rather than written history, but there are many to be found in the Saxa marklands.

Initial Move: Heraldic Lore
When you meet a noble or famous person, you can ask the GM to tell you one thing about them.

Move (level 2-5): Arcane Mastery
You can use your Arcane Art Move to include the following extra abilities:

  • Unlock: You play or sing a note that resonates at just the right frequency to make a lock's tumblers slip into place.
  • White Noise: By creating just the right pitch, you can cancel out other sounds, in effect creating silence within a limited area around you.
  • Slumber: By playing tranquil, soothing music, you can put one person to sleep.

Move (level 6-10): Audience 
When you use your Arcane Art Move, you can affect two people, not just one.

Unaffiliated Elementalist (Req: Any race except Frost Dwarf Wizard)

Almost all Anari and most Saxa elementalists are Convocationists, but amongst the Finnar, Tuomi, Elves and Halflings, few bother to join that organization. Without the aid of that guild, Unaffiliated Elementalists tend to focus on only one element, sometimes a second one, but they tend to be more powerful in their use of magic from their own realm.  See the Convocationist Elementalist for details on elemental spells.

Initial Move: Elemental Strength
You are a master of your sole element. When you prepare spells, you can choose an extra level one spell of that element for free.

Move (level 2-5): Elemental Power
Choose a spell of level 3 or above. You prepare it as if it was a level lower. You can stack this with Prodigy or Master in order to reduce it by two levels in total, or you can choose a different spell to either of those.

Move (level 6-10): Elemental Diversity
You can choose spells of a second element (that cannot be diametrically opposed to your original one).

Unguilded Thief (Req: Any race Thief)

While many thieves find safety in numbers by joining a guild and receiving the benefits of such an organization, some either chafe at being told what to do or having to tithe part of their ill-gotten wealth to the guild. Others have simply stayed under the radar of such organizations, and so never been invited to join, while yet others have been banished for some reason or other, and have a price on their heads. The life of an unguilded thief is fraught with danger - you don't just have to watch out for the law, you have to keep an eye on the shadows too - but it can be rewarding.

Initial Move: No Guild Fees
You don't have to pay any part of your haul to the guild, which means that you can usually get a better price for your stolen goods. When you want to fence your goods, roll 2D6 + Cha and consult these results:

  • On a 6-, choose either
    • You cannot find a buyer
    • You find a buyer but he pays a marginal rate (-20%) and tips off the local guild
  • On a 7-9, you find a buyer who pays the going rate, and choose either
    • he doesn't tip the guild off
    • he won't do business with you again
  • On a 10+, you find a buyer who won't tip the guild off and you save on not having to pay any fees to the guild, gaining +20% on the value of the goods fenced.

Move (level 2-5): One Step Ahead
You are used to having to keep an eye out for rivals. When you Defy Danger using Dex, add +1 to your roll.

Move (level 6-10): Shift the Blame
When in a tight corner, point the finger at a nearby scapegoat and roll 2D6 + Cha:

  • On a 6-, they don't fall for it.
  • On a 7-9, they aren't sure, dithering and arguing for a second or two before they split into to camps and pursue both of you, possibly giving you time to come up with a Plan C.
  • On a 10+, they fall for it, leaving you enough time to make your escape while they go for the new target.

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