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Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Four: Factions and Professions H

Four more this time, the Hammerhand Huscarl, Hearth Knight, High Wizard and Huscarl.

Hammerhand Huscarl (Req: Dwarf Fighter)

The Hammerhand Huscarls were originally the chief warriors of the doomed Dwarven Hold of Karad Marn. When Orcs rampaged through the fortress city, the dwarven inhabitants fled, but their ruler, Thane Rungar Hammerhand, swore vengeance. With his remaining warriors, he has vowed to retake the city. Since his original band of huscarls was few after the invasion, other dwarves have flocked to his banner. Many reside on the slopes and within the upper parts of Karad Marn, but others wander the land wreaking their revenge on any Orcs they find.

Initial Move: Orckiller
When fighting against Orcs, roll an extra 1D6 when dealing damage to them. You cannot befriend an Orc.

Move (level 2-5): Berserker
When you suffer damage, take +1 going forward against that target and do +1 additional damage to that target.

Move (level 6-10): Throwing Frenzy
You can throw two hammers at once, at the same or different targets, with a -1 penalty to both Volley rolls.

Hearth Knight (Req: Any race Fighter)

The Hearth Knights keep the Hearthlands safe. Their keeps are dotted around the borders between the Hearthlands and the Winterlands, those realms beyond the Ice Barrier Mountains where the Hellfrost is steadily creeping south. They watch the mountain passes and roads entering the Hearthlands, keeping the creatures of the Hellfrost at bay when they seek to encroach into civilized territory. Their lives are often short, but they are perhaps the best bulwark against the icy creatures of the north.

Initial Move: Respected
You tend to have the respect of the people, who know that you do a dangerous but necessary job. When others learn that you are a Hearth Knight, roll + Cha. On a 6-, nobody is too impressed, or you attract the attention of an enemy agent. On a 7-9, choose 1 and on a 10+ choose 2 from the following list:
  • Somebody prestigious offers you free food and lodging with them. You get a full night's rest and do not need to use a ration.
  • Use their respect for your authority as leverage to parlay with them.
  • Get information on any one local area of knowledge.
  • Add +1 to any Recruit rolls you make here.
Move (level 2-5): Hard to Kill
Once per day, you may reroll one damage roll done to you.

Move (level 6-10): Frostkiller
When facing a Hellfrost creature, ignore any armor they possess, and add +1 to your Hack and Slash rolls.

High Wizard (Req: Human Wizard)

The Heahwisards, or High Wizards, are Anari mages of noble blood who practice the application of the finest form of magic known to man (or so they claim). Found only within the Magocracy, they provide that country with its ruling elite. Reliant on and augmented by their magical staffs, the High Wizard's magic tends to be slower and more ritualized, but more powerful.

Initial Move: Noble Blood
As one of the noble rulers of the Magocracy, you receive better treatment when dealing with others fo your social class or in Anari lands, equivalent to a +1 Cha bonus when dealing with these people. In addition, you start with an additional 1D6 x 100 gold.

Move (level 2-5): Augment Staff
Choose one of the following powers for your staff:
  • Base Damage Dice when using your staff is increaed to 1D6
  • Boost Spell - you gain a +1 when spellcasting while using your staff.
  • Spell Store - you can place a spell in your staff for later use; it takes but a second to release it, and is counted as having rolled a 10+, but you cannot use the spell otherwise and you lose the level of the spell from your daily allowance while it is stored.
  • You can ignore the first ongoing penalty for a spell.
  • By calling upon the power in the staff, you can create a forcefield around you that provides you with +1 armor.
Move (level 6-10) Staff Mastery
Choose another option from the Augment Staff list.

Huscarl (Req: Human Fighter)

The Saxa lands surrounding you are filled with what the Anari would consider barbarians, but the Saxa prefer to think of themselves as just as civilized, but with different cultural practices. Many of the Saxa Marks were invaded centuries ago by the Anari Empire, but they regained their freedom and saw the collapse of their erstwhile rulers several hundred years ago when the Great Blizzard war erupted with the arrival of the Hellfrost. Saxa tend to live in smaller steadings, collections of longhouses built mostly of wood, sometimes with thatched roofs. The steading is guarded by professional warriors, the huscarls. They practice whatever weapons they fancy, wear a motley colection of armor, and tend to fight individually except when they fight defensively using their Shieldwall tactics or where they gang up on enemies to gain an advantage through superior numbers.

Initial Move: Shieldwall
Your armor bonus from your shield is doubled, and you can also provide one of your companions standing next to you a +1 armor bonus too.

Move (level 2-5): Outnumber
If you and another character are attacking the same enemy, you can add +1 to your Hack and Slash and damage rolls while you outnumber them.

Move (level 6-10): Bodyguard
When defending, you gain an extra 2 Holds.

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