Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Twelve: Factions and Professions W

The last of the Factions and Professions posts. Introducing the Watcher of the Black Gate, the White Ranger, and the Wood Warden.

Watcher of the Black Gate (Req: Any race Bard, Fighter or Wizard)

Almost a thousand years ago, a group of cultists attempted to summon demons into the world to do their bidding, creating a gate with the use of an artifact known as the Black Key. They were eventually defeated, but not before many demons had entered the world through the gate they created. Having eradicated all those who know of the location of the Black Gate, the victors managed to lock the portal. Attempts to destroy the Black Key only shattered it into a thousand pieces, which were flung throughout the world.

Since that day, other cults have risen with similar aims to the original demonic cultists, and they search for the shattered key. In order to thwart them, the secretive Watchers of the Black Gate were formed, their roles to keep the Black Gate under their control, to hunt down and destroy demons wherever they might be found, and to stop these new cults dead in their tracks. Taught special techniques in defeating demons, the Watchers may be all that stops them from pouring into the world and destroying it utterly.

Initial Move: Demonic Lore
When you Spout Lore about demons, on a 10+, you gain insight into a particular demon's weaknesses, and you treat a 6-9 as a normal 10+ roll.

Move (level 2-5): Stoic Mind
Treat your Wis mod as Armor when you are the target of demonic powers, even those that are not affected by armour.

Move (level 6-10): Stoic Body
When you are fighting a demon, take +1 ongoing to any roll you make, and add +1 to Armor.

White Ranger (Req: Any race Ranger)
As the Hearth Knights patrol the borders of the Hearthlands, and the Roadwardens watch the roads of the Hearthlands, the White Rangers patrol the Winterlands to the north. They help stranded travellers, track Hellfrost creatures that make it past the Ice Rise wall, and protect the Winterlands from evils of all kinds. Some will occasionally track Hellfrost creatures to the Hearthlands, and will often work with their comrade Hearth Knights and Roadwardens, but they usually return to the Winterlands when their job is done.

Initial Move: Winterborn
You are at home in the snow and ice. Whenever you need to make a Defy Danger roll that concerns ice, snow or the cold (including sliding, slipping, survival etc), add +1.

Move (level 2-5): Snow Trekking
When making a Perilous Journey in snow, if you take charge, everyone adds +1 to their rolls.

Move (level 6-10): Hellfrost Lore
When you Spout Lore about Hellfrost creatures, add +1 to your roll. If you roll 10+, the GM will give you an idea about its weaknesses.

Wood Warden (Req: Taiga Elf or Hearth Elf Ranger or Druid)

The Wood Wardens are the forest defenders, sworn to the Shining King (the Hearth Elf ruler) and found in all major elven forests. Some operate in groups, usually several rangers and a druid, but others work alone, constantly on the move and with an eye out for possible trouble, interlopers and anything out of the ordinary. They excel in guerilla warfare, hiding and ambushing, then disappearing back into the trees, and using the denizens of the forest and even the very forest itself to aid them.

Initial Move: Beastfriend
Normal animals are friendly towards you unless you do something to hurt them, in which case they will revert to their normal attitudes.

Move (level 2-5): Fauna and Flora
Take the Bardic Lore (Fauna and Flora - natural) Move.

Move (level 6-10): Plantfriend
Entangle becomes a rote spell for you. If you are a Ranger or a Druid who only has Shapeshifting, you are limited to being able to cast this one spell only.

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