Monday, 17 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Seventeen: A Map of the Known World

The Known World

This map shows the extent of the Known World. In the southwest is Alantaris Isle, with Aspiria and Chalcis above it. To the east from the Isle is the Magocracy, and further west are the Marklands. The areas under the ranges of mountains seen about 2/3 of the way up are the Hearthlands, the lands above them the Winterlands, and at the very top of the map can be seen the Ice Wall that defines the boundary of the Hellfrost.

The campaign will mainly take place in the Freelands, immediately beneath the Icebarrier mountains (the long chain on the east of the map), occasionally going into the Winterlands realm of Heligioland immediately to the north, and occasionally to the more centralized Marklands to the south and east.

A closer (though more blurry) look at the Freelands:

The Freelands
In the south-west of this map, you can see the Hearth Elven lands of Angarion, above them the semi-independent Angmark, and parts of Royalmark, Nordmark, Ostmark and at the very bottom, Vestmark (All are Saxa Marklands). Also in the south west is the tiny border state of Coglelund, an Anari realm that acts as a buffer state for the Magocracy, which is mostly off map to the south west. In the center of the Freelands are the Withered Lands, a realm inhabited by undead. To the north of the Icebarrier mountains is the Winterlands, from the west to the east depicting the Mistlands, Giant's Throne, Unclaimed Lands, Heligioland, the Cairn Lands, Barony of Cul and the Barony of Trond. To the north can be seen part of Seithrby. Two Dwarven cities, Karad Iarn and Karad Zor mark the western and eastern reaches of the mountain range. 

The towns and cities of the Freelands (and those of Heligioland to the north) are generally independent, mostly Saxa, but with an infusion of Anari. No centralized leader rules these realms, but they do form trading partnerships with each other. Within the Freelands are the headquarters of the Reliquary (The Citadel), the Sisterhood of Mercy (Sanctuary, the Sisterhood are a group of healers not affiliated with the Cult of Eira), and the Hearth Knights (Hellfrost Keep).

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