Tuesday 11 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part One: Races

I'm working on a PBP game of Dungeon World (my current fave) using the Hellfrost campaign setting for Savage Worlds by Triple Ace Games (highly recommended). There are quite a few races in Hellfrost, but I'm going to subsume most of them into the usual DW races, using the subvarieties of human races for example as flavor. Thus the Anari, Saxa, Tuomi and Finnar are all "Human" in DW terms. Frost Dwarves are "Dwarf", Hearth Elves and Taiga Elves are both "Elf" and Halfings are "Halfling". There's another race, the Frostborn, but I'm relegating them to NPC status, at least for now.

In HF, any race can become pretty much any profession, which left me with a dilemma - should I just use DW as standard and not allow elven clerics and the like, or should I create new racial moves for the "missing" combos? I decided to go with the latter, and present them here:

Dwarf (Years of Study - choose a second area of expertise for Bardic Lore for free)
Halfling (Merchant Contacts - when making a Supply roll, add +1 to the roll and take 10% off the cost)

Elf (Spirit of the Woods – no matter which god you worship, the forest still claims your soul. Choose a druid spell – you can cast it as if it was a cleric spell)
Halfling (Informal Church – Often on the road, Halflings call any place their church. Sanctuary is a rote spell for you)


Elf (Elven Blade – your main weapon gets an additional +1 piercing when you are on a quest)
Dwarf (Dwarven Oath – When on a quest, you can choose to get an extra boon in exchange for an extra vow)
Halfling (Where did you come from? - When you defend, gain a +1 to your roll if you use your small size as an advantage)

Dwarf (Cavern Crawler: +1 to Hunt and Track and Discern Realities in the Great Underworld - natural caverns, not dungeons)
Halfling (Well-Travelled - When you enter a new location, ask the GM for one fact about a civilised centre (city, fort, steading etc) in that area.

Dwarf (Feigned Dwarven Oath - A dwarf’s word is sacrosanct and you take advantage of this – one lie you tell each day will be completely believed.)
Elf (Sneaky Elf: +1 to defy danger when sneaking or hiding)

Dwarf (Runic Circle: Alarm spell as rote)
Halfling (Application of Psychology: parley with int not cha – sizing up your opponents, knowing how to approach them from study of psychology)

Dwarf (At Home Underground: Take the Great Underworld (natural caverns, not dungeons) as a land type in addition to your choice from that list.)
Human (None: There are no Human Druids available in this game)

Next up will be a load of Compendium Classes for the various factions and professions available within the HF campaign. I'm going to go with 3 Moves for each of these, so it may take some time to sort them all out, though work is already underway and I have a good number all ready to go.

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