Monday, 17 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Sixteen: A Brief History

The devastation following the rise of the Hellfrost and the Ice Wall has caused many older records to be lost; in the Saxa lands, oral history was the norm, and the widespread destruction of the Saxa Marklands saw the deaths of many bards, who were tasked with keeping the history of the Saxa people alive. In the west, the destruction of Alantaris Isle and the libraries of the imperial capital left few written sources. As such, the early history of the world is fragmented and the dating given below is hazy at best.

@1100 years ago: The Convocation was founded.
@1000 years ago: The Anari Empire was founded.
@900 years ago: The Black Gate was unlocked by cultists and demons poured into the world.
@850 years ago: The Black Gate is locked and almost all the cultists are found and executed. Most of the demons let loose have been destroyed.
@800 years ago: Hela goes mad and opens the gates to the Underworld, allowing undead souls entrance into the world. Scaetha, a shieldmaiden to the gods, is promoted to major god when she takes over Hela's role and firmly shuts the gates.
@750 years ago: The Liche Lord in the north east rises to power and sends hordes of undead across the north towards the west.
@650 years ago: In the Hearthlands, the Anari subdue the last of the Saxa Marklands, under the pretext of defending them from the forces of the Liche Lord and to bring "civilization" to them.
@600 years ago: The armies of the Liche Lords are finally beaten, and the Liche Lord himself entombed in a secret location for the rest of time.
@550 years ago: Contact is lost with the northern realms of the Selari and others. Merchants and messengers do not return; eventually a scout manages to return, saying that the once fertile lands of the Selari kingdom are now an icy waste.
@500 years ago: The denizens of the Hellfrost, the icy waste that covers the old Selari kingdom, rampage southwards, their armies a mix of Frost Giants, Hellfrost Dragons, savage Vendahl warriors, ice Goblin foot soldiers and all manner of vile creatures led by the first of the Frostborn Hrimwisards. In their wake come severe blizzards, even in the spring.
@475 years ago: Contact is lost with the Dwarven city of Karad Khan, the greatest of all the Dwarven cities. The Anari Empire falls when a huge number of Hellfrost dragons utterly destroys the Imperial capital city on Alantaris Isle.
@450 years ago: The Saxa and Anari manage to fend off the Hellfrost hordes and begin to push them back. In the winter, massive blizzards descend that last for weeks on end; when they finally let up, a huge wall of ice has appeared to the north. Beyond it, the blizzards continue to whirl, and have not let up to this day. Each year since, the ice wall has crept forward slightly as winter begins earlier and lasts longer. The Saxa throw off their chains, freeing themselves from Anari rule as many Anari flee back to their own lands having heard of the devastation there.
@400 years ago: The Magocracy is founded as the inheritor to the Anari Empire.
@350 years ago: The Hearth Knights are founded.
@300 years ago: Hellfrost Keep is built, a massive structure that guards the main land route into the eastern Hearthlands from the Winterlands.
@250 years ago: Visitors find that the great Morenelion Forest, home to thousands of Taiga Elves, has become the Frozen Forest, and all its inhabitants killed. Some say that despite being dead, the elves there still walk their frozen homes...
@200 years ago: The Golem Uprising. Anari wizards have often used golems to carry out menial or back-breaking work. Over the space of one week, these golems turn on their masters, killing many before they are destroyed. A ban is made on the creation of golems, and all texts relating to their creation are destroyed too.
@60 years ago: Karad Marn is attacked by Orcs, and the Dwarves flee, returning with greater numbers to recapture their city. The siege continues to this day as the Dwarves and their allies battle to retake their home.
@50 years ago: Frost Giants and their armies from the Giant's Throne start raiding the local area.
@45 years ago: The Roadwardens are founded.
@30 years ago: Silverdale, one of the Saxa Marklands, is covered with mist which lifts once, revealing the realm to be completely deserted, before falling again, never to lift since. It becomes known as the Mistlands and is avoided.
@25 years ago: The Siphoning takes effect, affecting magic.
@23 years ago: The Raven Knights are founded.
@20 years ago: Orcs pour from the Mace Mountains and capture the southern half of Vestmark, renaming it Orcmark. Battle still rages between the remnants of Vestmark and the new Orcish realm.
@10 years ago: The Barony of Cul is founded, where the Frostborn can live in peace. Shortly afterwards, rumors spread that the Frostborn are treating their "normal" citizens in much the same way as the other realms treat Frostborn.

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