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Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Two: Factions and Professions A-B

Here are notes on the first three compendium classes: The Anari Legionnaire, the Elven Bladedancer and the Halfling Bludgeoner.

Anari Legionnaire (Req: Human Fighter)

The Anari are a civilized race of humans; their buildings are usually made of stone, often with tiled roofs, and their large cities are bustling. They once conquered most of the known world, and can still be found spanning several countries in the south and west of the world, including Alantaris Isle (the original home of their fragmented empire), the Magocracy, Aspiria and Chalcis. Remnants of their imperial diaspora can be found throughout the world, but these four countries are all inheritors of the Anari Empire, and their armies are based on the old Imperial Legions.

The Anari Legionnaire is trained to fight with a variety of weapons, mostly spears and short swords, and train as a unit taking advantage of their large square shields and iron cuirass armor. Auxiliary forces form light horse and archery units, and some Legions also produce heavy cavalry who fight on armored horses and using their spears as lances.

Initial Move: Formation Fighting
When you Aid another character, they carry forward a +2 bonus rather than +1.

Move (level 2-5): Legionnaire Shields
When you Hack and Slash and roll 7-9, you can choose to do no damage but automatically block your opponent's attacks as you shelter behind your shield. If you roll 10+, you carry +1 armor forward.

Move (level 6-10): Arcane Resistance
When you are hit by magical damage, you add your Int mod to your armor, even for those spells which do not count armor.

Elven Bladedancer (Req: Elf Fighter)

Both the Hearth Elves and the Taiga Elves train their best warriors in the use of twin blades. Their role is to disrupt enemy formations by leading the charge, reaping havoc within the enemy lines. They also target specific types of enemies and try to take out enemy leaders or magicians in order to decapitate the enemy's army. They tend to be lightly armored, relying on their agility and devastating attacks rather than on defense.

Initial Move: Twin Blades
As the Ranger's Viper Strike Move.

Move (level 2-5): Onslaught
After you kill or render an enemy incapacitated, take +1 forward to Hack and Slash and armor.

Move (level 6-10): Whirlwind
When using two blades, you may attack two different enemies at once, rolling Hack and Slash at -1 to both attacks.

Halfling Bludgeoner (Req: Halfling Fighter)

The Halflings travel in great caravans across the lands, trading where they want and with few permanent places to call their own. The Bludgeoners often act as caravan guards, but their role goes deeper. They have no uniform, but they police the caravans, both for law-breaking within the group and to protect their groups from external mischief. Often armed with clubs, daggers and slings - weapons that can easily be hidden - it is impossible to tell a Bludgeoner from a normal halfling, but subtle shades of color and styles of clothing immediately signify this rank to halflings of that caravan.

Initial Move: Well-Regarded
Bludgeoners are respected amongst the caravan; when dealing with other halflings, add +1 to your Cha mod.

Move (level 2-5): Giantkiller
When attacking an enemy at least twice your height, you can add your Dex mod to your damage as you find tempting unarmored targets dangling just above your head.

Move (level 6-10): Double Shot
A skilled Bludgeoner is a master of the sling. You can fire a sling quickly and accurately to the extent that you can Volley at two targets at once, with a -1 penalty to each shot.

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