Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dungeon Frost Hell World Part Five: Factions and Professions I-O

Introducing the Iron Guild Mercenary, the Lorekeeper, and the Old Order Druid

Iron Guild Mercenary (Req: Any race Fighter)

The Iron Guild mercenary group was formed by a crew of merchant caravan guards, and this remains their primay business today. They tend to be well armed and armored, since their patrons pay well, and in return, they strive to protect them.

Initial Move: Alertness
When you settle down to Take Watch or when you roll to Defy Danger to avoid being ambushed, you gain a +1 to your roll.

Move (level 2-5): Good Deal
When you buy anything from a merchant, you get a 10% discount on the price. You are also more
likely to find better quality or more exotic gear than normal.

Move (level 6-10): Co-ordinated Defense
When you Defend, choose another character - they also get as many Holds as you roll.

Lorekeeper (Req: Any race Bard)

The Lorekeepers are more an extended collection of wandering scholars than any cohesive guild. Having seen famous libraries burned and priceless scrolls destroyed, the Lorekeepers were formed. Each member has a collection of scrolls, and when they meet, or when they come to a library, they give copies of the scrolls they have that the other does not have. Most of their time travelling on the road is spent in copying at idle moments, so that upon a chance meeting, scrolls can be swapped quickly. By spreading knowledge over a wide area, the chances of important lessons from the past diminishes.

Initial Move: Linguist
You may add an extra number of languages equal to your Int mod.

Move (level 2-5): Scroll Collection
After perusing your scroll collection for a few minutes, you may add +1 to all Spout Lore rolls.

Move (level 6-10): Library Access
When you have access to a library, roll + Int and consult this table:
  • On a 6-, you find some misleading information. Take a -1 forward to your next Spout Lore roll.
  • On a 7-9, you pick up some useful information. Take a +1 forward to your next Spout Lore roll.
  • On a 10+, you can add the library's specialty to your Bardic Lore areas of expertise.

Old Order Druid (Req: Elf, Dwarf or Halfling only Druid)

You follow the primal forces which were around before the gods came into being. The natural energy of plants and animals calls to you. Humans think of you as primitive, and worship their gods - which, alas, many of your own race do too - but you know the gods are no match for these essential Old Ones.

Initial Move: Nature Sense
When you Discern Reality, you may add the question "What here is unnatural?"

Move (level 2-5): Power Of The Land
When you are in your Land (See Born Of The Soil), you may add a +1 to your Spellcasting or Shapeshifting roll.

Move (level 6-10): Primal Mastery
When you created your character, you chose between Shapeshifting and Spellcasting. You can now take the other Move too.


In the Rules As Written, Druids are shapechangers. In this setting, however, Druids may also be spellcasters. A poster to the Dungeon World website, Stras, has created  a list of Druid spells found here which we will be using. When a Druid is first created, the player should decide whether he or she wants to be a shapeshifting Druid (chargen as normal) or a spellcasting Druid (using these rules). Old Order Druids who take the Primal Mastery Move can do both.

The Born of the Soil Move is slightly amended. In addition to its current state, it also allows a Druid who communes in that form of land to get his or her level +2 rather than level +1 in spells.

In addition, add the following Move to the level 2-5 Advanced Moves:

Elemental Kinship - Choose one of your spells. You are granted that spell as if it was one level lower.

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